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Raising awareness of the importance of our kidneys to our overall health and at reducing the frequency and impact of kidney disease and its associated problems.

Our story

About the Foundation

Kidney Society Foundation is a Renal support Network ‘Kidney support group’ where patient social gatherings are held monthly to inform and educate no charge whatsoever. Most of the people who attend are pre and post transplant, the ones on dialysis, doctors, nurses, hypertensive patients, cancer patients and diabetes patients.

Among the many benefits of attending these meetings is  learning on how to navigate through the kidney disease and living a fulfilling, joyful life from people who have been through it before. There will also be conversations by concerned health professionals and stake holders.

Every second Sunday of the month, we hold meetings, annual social gatherings, or adventure escapades. We would love to meet you and be part of your journey.  



What we do

Contributing to the overall goal of good health and well being for all persons living with kidney failure and other non-communicable diseases.

The core activity of the KSF is to facilitate and empower patients suffering from Kidney failure and other NCDs to navigate through the disease for a fulfilling, joyful and productive life, as well as preventive measures to the uninfected via educating on nutrition.

a) Advice on how to navigate through the condition as well as include you to into supportive network.
b) Connect you to doctors locally and internationally

Get Loud Ke Live is a healthcare live streaming vlog bringing on board the affected, both directly and indirectly of Kidney Disease and health practitioners on the same platform to share their stories and experiences.

A major part of the work of renal specialists is the management of patients with acute kidney injury or advanced chronic kidney disease. This may involve renal replacement therapy, by dialysis or kidney transplant.

The purpose of medical nutrition therapy (MNT) for chronic kidney disease (CKD) is to maintain good nutritional status, slow progression, and to treat complications.

Our Campaigns

Project Funguka

The Project Funguka Initiative is the powering organization of KSF. It is a platform raising awareness on autoimmune diseases in Kenya  at county level encouraging people to speak out while building a community of support.

#GetLoudKe Live

Get Loud Ke is a live streaming healthcare vlog bringing on board the affected, both directly and indirectly, of autoimmune diseases and health practitioners. It is also the social handle of all our social media pages of different platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Kidney March

March for Kidney awareness is our organization’s signature event. It
enables our organization to commit back into community support services, advocacy and awareness across Kenya around the time of World Kidney Day which is celebrated 12th March every year.

The Team

David Kiarie


Qoi Morrine


Doreen Kendi


Becky Mwihaki


Anthony Elehalwa


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